Giving to Our Future

The gift of body donation for anatomical study is of tremendous value to healthcare. If you have ever had an exam, procedure, surgery, or any other medical intervention you received care from one who began by studying human anatomy. Donors help develop all areas of medicine and we thank them for their final gift to make others’ lives better.

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Spartan Anatomy Tool

An interactive atlas of neuroanatomy in MRI designed to aide in the spatial learning of key neuro structures. Scroll through 10 axial planes in the rostro-caudal axis. Highlight structures in all three planes (coronal, axial, midsagittal). This resource was created by anatomy faculty member Dr. Halie Kerver and medical students Cody Lee and Danielle Keller.

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AAA Member Spotlight

Our newest faculty member Libby Bradley received a Member Spotlight in the American Association for Anatomy. To learn more click the link below.

AAA Member Spotlight