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Histology Virtual Microscopy Laboratory

First year allopathic (MD) and osteopathic (DO) medical students use the Virtual Microscopy Laboratory to study the histology and histopathology of tissues and organ systems as part of integrated courses in cell biology and physiology and courses in pathology. Osteopathic medical students also use the Virtual Microscopy Laboratory during their first and second years in courses covering the cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, male and female reproductive, urinary, integumentary and endocrine systems. These laboratory sessions are based largely upon the use of virtual slides and electron micrographs drawn from large libraries available through WebSlide Server, Olympus America, Inc. and Dr. Jastrow’s Electron Microscopic Atlas. During scheduled laboratory sessions, students work in independent groups of three on instructional objectives and questions, while faculty circulate and offer guidance. During the last portion of each laboratory session, faculty engage students in a review of questions that are based upon the content of the laboratory session. These questions also act as a preview of the types of questions that the students will see in their exams. During these question reviews, students’ computer monitors can be linked to the instructor’s computer via SMART Sync®, allowing all students to share the same views of virtual slides and images from the Virtual Microscopy Website. Students participate in these question reviews first by registering their answers via the i>clicker® system, followed by faculty-led class discussions. The Virtual Microscopy Laboratory environment capitalizes on discovery learning and small group peer instruction under faculty guidance, resulting in improved student learning.  Students enrolled in courses using the Virtual Microscopy Website are able to access the Website from any location. This facilitates individual study for those exams which include virtual microscopy content.  

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